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Our Core Principles


At the core of everything we do, our aim is to build long-lasting partnerships based on the principles of collaboration and trust. That means Canopy Capital Partners works closely with owners and management teams to proactively enhance personnel to best capitalize on growth opportunities. We also seek to improve IT systems, improve reporting capabilities and kickstart increased revenue growth through acquisitions as well as increased investment in sales & marketing.

Canopy Capital Partners approaches each deal with a candid and flexible mindset, which makes for increased success and solid working relationships going forward. We know businesses require more than an influx of capital to thrive, they require a dedicated partner with the passion and expertise to set the organization up for growth.

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Legacies Matter

We understand that as a buyer of a particular business, we are oftentimes the “steward” for that company in its’ next phase of ownership. This is a responsibility that Canopy Capital Partners embraces and takes seriously. We believe that legacies and years of hard-earned reputation and industry respect are to be both preserved and strengthened.

Our team deeply respects the work and people that it takes to create a business, and our goal is always to help an entrepreneur's legacy by continuing to build on those successes. Business owners have earned the right to script their go forward plan. At CCP, we work together with all stakeholders to align our interests and help them achieve their goals for the transaction.

Investment in People

Regardless of the industry, good people make companies tick and customers stick. We are big believers in incentivizing personnel throughout the entire organization to strive for good teamwork, a positive attitude and ultimately exceptional performance.

At the end of the day, our team values each individual's contribution and prides itself on simply doing the right thing for our investment partners, business owners, management teams and the people who keep our companies running daily.

Honesty and Transparency

Canopy Capital Partners approaches each deal with a candid and honest mindset, which we believe makes for increased chances of success and solid relationships going forward. Our aim is to create long-lasting partnerships built on the tenets of integrity, trust, and mutual respect.

In doing so, we seek to foster business growth, because we know that every organization's success rests on the people involved. Our aim is to encourage a culture of honesty and transparency. Through candid, healthy working relationships, we are able to build on our partner's strengths and add long-term value for business owners and investors.


We pride ourselves on digging into deals and understanding the business model and other shareholder dynamics before reaching a conclusion. Too often, good companies are passed over with but a cursory review of the opportunity. Our team approaches each deal with a creative and flexible mindset in order to find mutually beneficial solutions to each business's unique needs.

For each deal, we bring an extensive background in private equity and the expertise needed to use the investment structure that is most appropriate to the situation and market conditions. As aligned partners, CCP takes a flexible and collaborative approach to working with owners and management teams to build businesses with long-lasting value and success.

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We pride ourselves on our credibility, knowledge & doing the right thing for our business partners.


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