Our Core Principles

Legacies Matter

We understand that as a Buyer of a particular business, we are oftentimes the “steward” for that Company in its’ next phase of growth. This is a responsibility we embrace and take seriously. Legacies, years of hard earned reputation and industry respect are to be revered and preserved, if not improved upon. Owners have earned the right to script their go forward plan – CCP will work together with Shareholders to help them accomplish their goals for the transaction.

Investment in People

Regardless of industry, good people make companies tick and customers stick. We are big believers in incenting people throughout the entire organization to strive for good teamwork, positive attitude and ultimately exceptional performance.

Honesty and Transparency

CCP approaches each deal with a candid and honest mindset which we believe makes for increased chances of success and solid relationships going forward.


We pride ourselves in digging into deals and understanding the business model and other shareholder dynamics before arriving at a conclusion. Too often, good companies are passed over with but a cursory review of the opportunity.